How Eyewear Can Immediately Contour the Face

Do you have a hard time knowing what eyewear looks good on your face because you need to try them on in person? Well we've created this informative guide to help you choose what eyewear may be most suitable to compliment your face. 

Diamond Face Shape
Well aren't you lucky? Not only are you able to pull off many frames, but diamond face shapes are considered rare. Rimless or oval frames with brow lines will best fit your shape. Try fun options like cat eye frames that will help balance your face and highlight your unique features.

Heart Face Shape
Thin oval shaped frames will best compliment your high cheekbones. Since your forehead is wide stay away from oversized frames, frames with a lot of design elements, and bottom heavy. Wearing frames wider than your forehead will add balance.

Oval Face Shape
Oval faces have wide cheekbones that are more narrow towards the forehead. Oversized or wide frames are your best option to add character to your face. Try square or rectangle frames that will diminish the appearance of your forehead. Narrow frames would have the opposite effect.

Oblong Face Shape
Oblong faces are wider and lengthier almost like a rectangular shape. Aviators or square options will contrast those features to avoid your face seeming longer while narrow rectangular frames will do the opposite.

Round Face Shape
We've got news to point you in the best direction! Angular frames will suit you best as long as you proportion them to the width of your face. With angular frames your face will appear to have extra depth and definition.

Square Face Shape
Oh honey you're far from being square. Frames that sit higher on the nose that will make your shape pop! Try rimless round frames to add contrast while softening your angled features.