About Us

     KALUA comes from the Hawaiian meaning "second child", for I am a second child who felt the need to pursue my dream and become more than my environment. I felt it was only right to prove our family did not and will not fail with its next generation based off of my siblings mistakes in life. I have pride in my business because I value myself. I have drive to become the next A list brand.

     I started this business in 2021, but I have always had the idea because of my love for eyewear. In 2017 the idea of selling sunglasses came to me, but I did not want to dedicate my time to a new project as a junior in high school. In 2018 I pondered on the idea of getting paid for my spending habit, but I wasn't ready yet. In the summer 2020 I decided "why not" and began the process, not too long after I became unfocused again. Finally in 2021 I started to create everything I needed to make KALUA happen. I would shoot content with, make posters, take product photos, binge watch YouTube videos on how to improve my site and my business mindset. When I created KALUA I wanted my platform to promote others to make a difference while being different.

     My future and current plans highlight helping small organizations and people to love their unique life. I plan to create a learning facility and more from KALUA. My plan was never to become rich, but i wanted to develop a wealthy mindset and create generational wealth to share with the world. It’s important to love and express love as much as I can. All of my supporters, my grind, and love for eyewear is what made KALUA what it is today. I plan on expanding to be a storefront brand as time goes by. I am the second child, and I came to make a difference.